StarFire Gen II

StarFire NEWS FLASH for United States and Canadian importers only!!

     As of 2010 until present day Sept 2012,  YuanDong SkyHawk is the only EPA certified 40CFR-1051 supplier in China. via Importer on Record, Nationwide Access in Van Nuys, Ca.  EPA requirements starting in 2010  have both the US importer on record and the China engine manufacture both involved in EPA certification.   Meaning the EPA certification process has changed and now involves the US importer who must be responsible to EPA as well as being responsible for what the engine manufacture does.  Before 2010 EPA had no way to legally enforce their rulings at off shore bicycle engine factory locations so in this way EPA has control by making the USA Importer on Record totally responsible.   This can be a good change but without clear communication from EPA officials and a trusted contracted fiduciary agent in China this new process is unthinkable and not very workable.

    China GAS plays an important role as fiduciary agent and licensed exporter.  EPA Certification for bicycle engines can no longer be obtained in China as was done in years past.   This new process of having both the engine and importer approved is time consuming and very costly, approx. $25,000 to $30,000 for 190 hour lab test plus EPA filing fees and your involvement time.   Conversely a 4 cycle lawn mower engine can still be EPA certified in the name of the China OEM manufacture who made it.    WARNING:   Do not order 4 cycle engines from China kit suppliers, only buy these engines direct from Huasheng the engine manufacture.   HuaSheng 4 cycle engines should not be shipped with bicycle installation kits due to having the wrong class of EPA COC.    Chinese gate keepers do not understand EPA laws and will tell you anything you want to hear to get your money then go silent.

BEWARE:   It has been noticed that some unscrupulous importers in the USA are still bringing in the 2 cycle bicycle engines EPA certified as lawn mower replacement engines which only requires simple Class 90 certification.  EPA officials have repeatedly told us this is totally illegal and they plan to stop it.  Laws without enforcement can be worst than no laws at all.  The fact is unscrupulous test labs as well as some unscrupulous Importers have falsified test records to enable this to happen.   So beware if you run across this situation.   Contact EPA enforcement division for latest details.   

To this date Sept 2012 StarFire factory has not gained a WD partner in the USA willing and able to pay the cost of obtaining EPA 40CFR1051 certification and take total responsibility.   This means the StarFire line is open to the first qualifying IMPORTER willing and able to perform.  Let it be clearly understood that No SuperRat or SuperMouse shipments can go to the USA until a 2013 EPA COC for 40CFR1051 has been issued.     Contact EPA enforcement and compliance at 734 214-4100 and 202 564 2063 for latest details.    

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