SkyHawk Engine Kits

#3 YD CNS EPA Carb. for USA

      Heads up; When using the New CNS carb. you must use a shortened intake tube or carb. will hit the set post. Short and Long tubes look alike unless you have them side by side. If clearance is a problem we suggest using an Off Set Z tube option.

All 2012 Engines have the new one piece flywheel Crankshaft assy.

Want an electric starter for your gas engine?  Just install a 36V front wheel
e-wheel kit.

HD axles have 2 major benefits;      Other ideas on the market offer only 1 benefit.

ProShop special; Complete dual wall HD wheels are available pre assembled with 12G spokes on HD axle and choice of sprockets: Min. order 300.

Benefit #A.    HD axle does away with standard bicycle wheel bearing failures.
Benefit #B.    HD axle does away with clamp to spokes chain wheel sprocket.