• We sell our products direct from China to authorized WD’s and or OEM’s accounts.
  • Small Dealers and Retail customers buy from WD’s.
  • USA Retail Customers and Small Dealers can buy from our USA warehouse at

To receive our China Direct Factory Pricing, we must first approve your WD or OEM application.

Copy and paste the information below to a MS WORD file, complete and save to PDF. Send to: Angel Grube pres. Changzhou China GAS. Include any additional information you may deem important.

Your Business name; _________________________________ Contact person name: __________________________
Business address: ______________________________________________________
City and post code and Country: ___________________________________________________________________
Ph. number: ___________________
Your e-mail address: ___________________
Your web site: ___________________
What Product lines by number 1-5 do you wish to buy? ______________________________________
What status are you applying for? OEM or Wholesale Distributor, > WD _____________
Do you currently buy from China? Yes____ No____ If yes do you have a contracted Freight Forwarder? _____________
What kind of business do you currently have? _______________________________________________
*MOQ > Min. Order Quantity is a requirement. _____________

1. StarFire SuperRat - 70cc 2 cycle bike engine kits:                140 pcs. *MOQ
2. SkyHawk 2 - 48/66cc 2 cycle bike engine kits:                      140 pcs. *MOQ
3. SkyHawk 4 - 4G , 5G & 10G 4 cycle bike engine kits:          200 pcs. *MOQ
4. SkyHawk Frames & Wheels: - Frames w/built-in tank:         200 pcs. *MOQ
5. WolfPup - ¾” 4X-24 Riflescopes and split rings.                  200 pcs. *MOQ
( Note: Riflescopes are a separate product line. )

NOTE: Filling out the company profile form is not considered an offer to do business nor is it a contract to do business. It only tells us if you are qualified and lets us know more about your company The final determination to do business with us is up to you when you receive and review our China Factory Direct FOB Pricing; / Service Parts catalogs, / Warranty policy, / Excel Order forms / and Sales literature.

Salient features of China Gas Motorized Bike product line:
  • China GAS is at the factory to inspect what you expect:
  • Gru-Bee web site for product reference;
  • Electronic Order forms for engine kits and service parts:   
  • 90 day limited factory warranty to WD’s OEM warranty is negotiable:
  • SkyHawk 2 cycle engine kits 48cc to 70cc EPA certified 2015.   No longer enforced:
  • SkyHawk 4G T belt drive kits for 49cc / 53cc 4 cycle HuaSheng engines: 
  • SkyHawk 10G T belt drive Multi Speed kits for 49cc / 53cc 4 cycle Huasheng engines: 
  • SkyHawk 5G T belt drive kits for 79cc Predator Harbor Freight 4 cycle engines: 
  • StarFire 70cc integral CDI 2 stroke engine kits
  • GT2A Bike light wt. Aluminum frames: built in gas tank and pedestal engine mount:
  • Cast Star Wheels for motorized bicycle application. 
  • Gru-Bee Rear Wheel HD Axle hub kits and complete HD Axle wheels for motorized bikes;
  • All service parts available when ordering engines direct.    
  • KickAss Bottle Boost performance kit for Gt2A / Gt5A Boss intake 2 cycle engines. 
  • Street Poo Poo pipes and Expansion chamber exhaust systems:
  • MOTO CROSS  Poo Poo pipes exhaust:
  • Optional throttle handles and clutch handles:
  • GruBee first to introduce chain idler with ball bearing roller and 9 hole sprockets.
  • Serialized Engine, metal ID plates & brand name decals:
  • Box marking with brand name and selling WD’s name.
  • One of the best selection of Motorized Bike Accessory Parts in the industry:
China GAS Product Limited Warranty Policy: 
 Rev: Date: Feb 10 2019

All products sold by China GAS carry a limited 90 day factory warranty to the import WD on record. WD’s may establish their own policy for warranty contrary to that of China GAS but China GAS shall only be responsible to the WD for a 90 day warranty from date of sale to the end user. The WD is responsible for making warranty claim reports to China GAS for any failed unit or component that they want replacement credit for. Reports submitted on face of email or by telephone call is not sufficient.


All WD or OEM warranty claims must be submitted on a China GAS electronic form. Claim forms are submitted on request. Warranty Claims must clearly describe the defect. Pictures of the part defect is required and if sold to an end user a copy of purchase receipt showing end user’s name, address and date of sale. China GAS will only credit the WD on claims approved by the factory as acceptable warranty. Warranty credits must be claimed on subsequent reorders to have free replacement parts or units included in future shipments. The factory does not pay for separate warranty parts shipments. It is the responsibility of the servicing WD to stock all service parts for administrating immediate warranty claims to the end user;


Operation of products in ways contrary to their intended use is considered abuse and is not covered by factory warranty. The WD must hold warranty parts for disposition. The factory at their discretion may or may not require the WD to return warranty parts for credit. Normally a picture and a written report in detail is all that is required to show or verify a defect.
HuaSheng 4 cycle engines warranty; 90 days from date of sale to end user: Except in the USA where emission related components that have an extended 2 year warranty. Reference the instruction manual included with the engine that gives all warranty details.


Mechanical aptitude and tools are required as is stated in sales and service literature.


China GAS will only accept warranty claims from an authorized WD on record;


All Shipping damage claims must go direct to carriers.


Motorized Bicycle EXCEPTIONS and DISCLAIMERS not considered as warranty:

(a.) Inability to install on a bicycle; ( b.) Customer neglect; (c.) Negligent installation; (d.) Failure to check all fasteners for tightness or related damage caused by end user neglect; (e.) Clutch and carburetor adjustments; (f.) Worn clutch pads (g.) Blown head gaskets due to failure to keep head bolts tight; (h.) Plugged gas line filter and plugged up mufflers; (j.) Spark plug wear; (k.) Engine failures caused by wrong gas / oil mix or using gas with more than 10% ethanol content. Evidence is scored piston walls or seized pistons. (l.) Damage done to property of others is not warranty. (m.) Shipping damage; (n.) Use of NOS bottle boost power assist voids engine warranty. (n.) Applying engine parts not of our manufacture.

Customer has a responsibility to read the instruction manual and operation guide. Limited Warranty is not transferable, impressed nor implied.