Rev. Date: 9 - 1 - 2014
GruBee inc. 2 cycle & 4 cycle Skyhawk brand bike engine kits,
China GAS established 2004 Chinese owned by wife of Don Grube:

China GAS; Rm. 1107, bldg. 9, Xie Qiao Xiang , Changzhou Jiangsu China, pc 213001 ph 86 519 815 1408 e-mail: and/or

Wholesale 2 step distribution program:

2 ways to buy;   as an ARD or as a Direct WD.

Salient features of China Gas Motorized Bike product line:
  • China GAS is at the factory to inspect what you expect:
  • Gru-Bee web site for product reference;
  • Electronic Order forms for engine kits and service parts:   
  • 90 day limited factory warranty to end user:
  • SkyHawk 2 cycle engine kits 48cc to 70cc EPA certified 2015
  • SkyHawk 4G T belt drive kits for 49cc / 53cc 4 cycle Huasheng engines: 
  • SkyHawk GearBox drive kits for 49cc / 53cc 4 cycle Huasheng engines: 
  • GT2A Bike light wt. Aluminum frames: built in gas tank and engine mount: 
  • Cast Star Wheels for motorized bicycle application. 
  • Gru-Bee Rear HD axle hub kits for motorized bikes;
  • New style Gru-Bee Rear HD Disc Brake axle hub kits for motorized bikes;
  • All service parts available when ordering engines direct.    
  • KickAss Bottle Boost performance kit for Gt2A / Gt5A Boss intake 2 cycle engines. 
  • Street Poo Poo pipes and Expansion chamber exhaust:
  • MOTO CROSS  Poo Poo pipes exhaust:
  • HyBriPed quick disconnect rear sprockets.
  • Optional throttle handles and clutch handles:
  • GruBee first to introduce chain idler with ball bearing roller and 9 hole sprockets.
  • Serialized Engine, metal ID plates & brand name decals:
  • Box marking with brand name and selling WD’s name.
  • Widest selection of Accessory Parts in the industry: China GAS Product Limited Warranty Policy:                       
 Rev: Date: Aug 20 2006

1. All products sold by China GAS carry a limited factory warranty to the original end user via the selling WD. Warranty is not transferable to second owners: Engines sold in the USA have an extended emission component warranty, details are available from the selling dealer or WD.

2  All Warranty items must be returned shipping prepaid to authorized selling WD for inspection and or repair.  The WD is responsible for warranty determination and must inspect all returned parts to validate and confirm if truly a factory defect.   The WD is responsible to make a claim to China GAS for  if any failed component is considered warranty justified. 

3.  All warranty claims to be submitted on a China GAS electronic form.  Warranty Claim must clearly describe the defect in detail,   Pictures of the part defect is required along with copy of end users original purchase receipt showing end user’s name, address and date of sale.      
4.  All claims must go to the WD and then if approved forwarded to China GAS for factory approval.   China GAS will only credit the WD on claims approved by the factory as true warranty.

5.  Warranty replacement parts come from the servicing WD’s existing inventory of service parts.  On all factory approved warranty claims China GAS supports the WD with parts credit towards next purchase of service parts.   It is the responsibility of the servicing WD to stock all service parts; 

6.  Operation of products in ways contrary to their intended use is considered abuse and is not covered by factory warranty.   If engines are used in the USA on bikes having total vehicle wt. more than 20kg. including engine and accessories the factory warranty is null and void after model year 2015 due to violation of the EPA Clean Air Act.  

7.  It is the end user customer’s responsibility to return the product for warranty service to the selling dealer or to the selling WD.   If the seller is an ARD they must submit all warranty claims and parts to their WD for approval and inspection.   The Servicing WD submits all of their approved claims to China GAS for factory consideration.   The WD holds parts for disposition. The factory at their discretion may or may not require the WD to return parts for credit.   Normally a picture is required to show or verify a defect and included with the warranty claim form that is sent to China GAS. 

8.  SkyHawk 2 cycle Engine Kit warranty:   90 days from date of sale to the end user from authorized WD, ARD or sub authorized dealer.  Balance of engine kit products carry a 30 day limited warranty.  ie;  tank, chain, sprocket, guard, controls, cables, idler, service parts or accessories, etc.   Only the defective part will be replaced or credited, not the complete engine, or kit.    In the USA emission related components carry a longer warranty, consult with your selling WD for details. 

9.   Skyhawk 4 cycle engine installation kit warranty .   Gear Box: 90 days from date of sale to end user on gear box and balance of engine kit products carry a 30 day limited warranty.  ie;  tank, chain, sprocket, guard, controls, cables, idler, service parts or accessories, etc.  Only the defective part will be replaced or credited, not the complete engine, or kit.   

10. HuaSheng 4 cycle engines warranty; 90 days from date of sale to end user:  Except for USA regarding emission related component having an extended 2 year warranty.   Consult with your selling WD. 
  • The Instruction booklet included with the engine gives warranty details.

11. Warranty does not cover inability to install on a bike.  Mechanical aptitude and tools required as so stated in sales and service literature.    See warranty disclaimer described below.

12.  Missing parts claims must be submitted with-in 30 days from time of delivery to end user;

13.  China GAS will only accept warranty claims from Dealers sent via the WD;     

14.  All Shipping damage claims must go direct to carriers..  

15.  Additional engine kit EXCEPTIONS and DISCLAIMERS not considered as warranty: 

(a.) Inability to install on bicycle;  (b.) customer neglect;  (c.) negligent installation;        (d.)  Failure to check all fasteners for tightness or related damage caused by end user;   (e.) Clutch adjustment and carburetor adjustment;   (f.)  Worn clutch pads due to over slipping;    (g.)  Blown head gaskets due to failure to keep head bolts tight;   (h.)  Plugged gas line filter;   (j.)  Spark plug wear;   (k.)  Engine failures caused by improper gas oil mix are not considered manufacture's warranty.  Using ethanol gas of more than 10% content.  Evidence is scored piston walls or seized pistons.  (l.) Damage done to property of others is not warranty.  (m.) Shipping damage;   (n.)  Use of NOS bottle boost power assist voids engine warranty.  Customer has a responsibility to read the instruction manual and operation guide.   Warranty is not transferable, impressed or implied.

18.   All warranty claims to be submitted on a China GAS warranty claim form.  These forms are supplied by China GAS electronically via e-mail attachment to the WD.  

19.   The WD account should have a servicing engine shop.   This is needed to accomplish normal product service for end user customers and handle any necessary engine warranty repairs. 

20.   Statements given by selling ARD or WD accounts or sub dealers contrary to the above policy are not applicable.

If you are interested in being a Volume WD account please copy and make a PDF file of the WD application below. Fill out completely by hand, scan and send to us so we may review your qualifications and send out Confidential Pricing, PO forms and Service Parts Catalogs.

     Our Skyhawk products are brand names recognized worldwide.  However, bicycle gas engine kits and motorized bike frames are specialized products that require industry and product knowledge to be successful as an authorized China GAS wholesale distributor, ( WD ).    
      In order to better serve our customer base and protect our brand name with existing WD networks we must qualify your account first before we can submit confidential China factory direct pricing.   We align our WD accounts by exclusive territories by country in a worldwide network.   
  • We sell our products only to authorized WD accounts.  Dealers and Retail customers buy from WD’s.  Our products carry a 90 day factory warranty and are supported by China GAS to the WD.. 
  • Please review our web site in depth before going any farther.   
  • Click Products;   Click 2 cycle;    Click SkyHawk;    Click sales and warranty policy;  Click HD axles,  Click Bicycle frames made for motorizing.   Click 4 cycle engine kits;   Click 4G         
  • After your complete review please fill out this WD application below and submit back to us.                            
  1. SkyHawk 2 cycle engine kits;    > Best price is 1000 kits in 20’ container load .                                     
     ( Prices vary from $60 to $97usd depending on models, options selected,  exchange rate and order qty.)                         

          ( US and Canadian Customers;   Extra cost EPA COC is required if you are in the USA or CANADA.)

  1. SkyHawk 4 cycle engine kits: ( MOQ, ) Min. Order Quantity is 200 and  prices vary from $90 to $110..
  2. Gt2A frames have a min. order of 286.  Prices vary from $60 to 70 usd. Depending on desired finish.
  3. Cast Star Wheels  min order 200 sets  prices on request to qualified WD’s only.
  • China direct WD FOB pricing is roughly 75% less than MSRP retail.  
  • Selling Terms are TT to our China bank before shipment. 30% deposit with order and balance due before factory shipment.   We do not accept Bank LC nor do we do CIF shipments.   
  • Factory lead time range is 2 to 8 weeks.  Minimum order quantity, (MOQ), applies in most cases. 
  • To purchase samples you must have an international account set up with one of the following. DHL, TNT, or FedEx to charge air freight.   We do not ship samples by ocean freight or mail service.  Samples subject to inventory on hand.  We build to customer specification so samples on hand may or may not be available to meet your specs or option requirement.  To receive current pricing and to be able to purchase samples we must approve your WD application first.   This is Step 1.      

Our factory pays the delivery freight to Port and fob: loading fee.  From there you must have your own freight forwarder contracted in your country to handle logistics from China port to your door and clear customs at your port of discharge.  Note:  We do not do CIF business. Nor do we take bank LC payment forms.

   Thank you for your co-operation in returning this information sheet for consideration as a China GAS Skyhawk wholesale WD China direct account..    NOTE:  Filling out this from is not considered an offer to do business nor a contract to do business.   It only tells us if you are qualified and lets us know more about your company and the laws of your land.   The final determination to do business with us is up to you when you receive and review our WD package which has all our China Factory Direct FOB Pricing; / Service parts catalogs, / Warranty policy, / Electronic Order forms / and Sales literature.    

Date: _________________
Your Business name; __________________________
Contact person:  ______________________________
Business address:  ______________________________________________________
City and post code: ______________________________________________________
Country:   _____________________________________________________________
Ph. number:  ___________________    
Your e-mail address: ___________________                
Your web site: ____________________

Select products you want to import and distribute in your country as WD status: Note  *Min. Order Quantity.

  1. Do you have a work shop for customer service and warranty repair?  ____  
  1. Are you or your service people knowledge of bicycles and 2 cycle engines? _______
  1. Do you have a Certificate of Attainment in Small Engine Maintenance:   ____ 
  1. Do you have a business license / import license and sales tax number if required?  _______
  1. Will you be operating from a home or from a shop or store or warehouse? ______________
  1. Do you have a warehouse and if yes how big?  _____________________________
  1. What is your marketing plan? ___________________________________________________
  1. If you are in a European country does your specific country require  bike engines to be EC or CE approved in order for you to import them?   ______________
  1. Do you have a two step distribution consisting of  Wholesale and Retail? _________ 
  1. Are you willing to stock basic service parts? ______   This is Required:
  1.  Do you have a web site? ______   Can your e-mail box receive attachments up to 20MB?. ____
  1.  Do you have at least MS 2007 edition Excel software in your computer?   ________
  1.  Will you operate as a part time hobby business or full time? ________
  1. 16.  How many people in your organization that will be involved with the business? _______
  1. 17.  Do you have a freight forwarding agent contracted in your country to handle shipments from China?    Please provide the name and contact info. for your Shanghai Forwarding agent.  In order to do business with us we must approve your freight forwarder.  If you have none we will furnish a Freight Forwarder you can use that can be trusted. 
  1. What product lines do you presently carry?  ________________________________________
  1. Do you presently sell 2 cycle bike engine kits from China.  _____If answered as yes; what factory supplier or export agent do you buy from? ___________________________________.
  1. Does your country allow standard bicycles to have gas engine power assist for street use? __________
  1. Does your country allow gas / oil mix 2 cycle engines to be imported there? _______________
  1. If you intend on being a 4 cycle engine dealer be prepared to buy your engines direct from HuaSheng.  You get first line quality and warranty while saving money too.    We just make the transmission and installation kits.  HS Engine MOQ is 200  / Direct Cost is less than 80usd. 
  1. Does your country require gas engines to meet any emission standards in order to be imported? _______  If yes’ You must supply us with a copy of these standards along with this application: 
  1. Are you in the USA? ____ If yes, are you familiar with the new rules set forth by EPA for gas engines? 
  1. Are you in Canada? _____ If yes are aware of the new Canadian ECA rules for engine importation?
  1. Are you in Europe? _____ If yes are you familiar with the CE rules for importation into the EU?
  1. Does your country have a power limit for gas engines used on Bicycles? ____________
  1. Do you have MS OFFICE PowerPoint software to open our product sales presentations and also open our Excel price list and order form? ________   You will need to get this if you do not have. 
  1. Does your country require the 50 usd extra cost China Gov. Certified statement of origin?  _________
  1. Do you have an International UPS or DHL account # for sample shipping?____________________
  1. Do you require product installation manuals to be in other than English?  ______________
  1. Do you have the necessary capital venture available to close a transaction on the product lines selected above?  ________

   The completeness and accuracy of information on this form submitted back to us will determine our partnership agreement if you decide to be one of our WD’s and we in turn accept your application.   You as WD and China GAS as your brand name SkyHawk engine and 4cycle Installation kit supplier.   
   We look forward to doing a lasting win/win business relationship with your company.   Please return this form to  with cc: to